School of Physics Outreach Programs

School of Physics Outreach

The School of Physics Outreach program aims to excite and captivate students, at the same time heightening their interest in Physics, and Science in general.

This year we have something for everyone...



This year, our focus is on creating pathways for students in senior school. Specifically, for Yrs10-12, we have the VCE focus lectures . Students attending taking part in this series will have interaction with world experts in the field, gaining novel insight into the underlying concepts behind the topics. What an experience !


But we haven't forgotten about the younger folk... the WARP and Muppets program are better than ever. Introducing physics in an exciting and informative way is the aim of this highly popular program. The program consists of a fascinating production by outstanding presenters led by Dr Roger & Patch of the School of Physics, of carefully selected demonstrations of basic physics phenomena.


To find out how your school (Yrs 5-9) can be part of the 2010 MUPPETS program please Contact Us.


Teachers, feel free to download our worksheets for use in class, and please don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.

We are really grateful for the generous support of Colonial Foundation. Their financial support allows us to continue to provide all of our services at no charge. So far, we have performed more than 200 shows to over 33,000 students - and they all know that Science can be Fun! Thank you to all of the people who helped make this support come through.


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